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Geo-Bags & Geo-tube
We employ very exclusive quality high forte PP to make this series in obedience with universal standards. These are obtainable in numerous dimensions, liable on the obtainability of area and volume supplies of customers. We provide these goods at highly modest rates and bring the orders on time.

A Polypropylene Multifilament Woven Geotextile Fabric Tube when full, employed in application like:

  • Building of dyke to regain land, artificial island and breakwater
  • A Dewatering of soil and sand
  • A Beach erosion defense
Geotextile environmental bag (slope defense bags, afforest bags) are manufactured from the polyester fiber (PET) or polypropylene(pp) as basic materials, via dispensation double-sided pressing needle stamped non-woven fabric.
Product features:
This ecological bag has robust corrosion resistance, anti-UV, anti-aging, non-combustion, good stability, non-toxic polypropylene(pp), split not spread etc. structures. Anti-rotate-degradation and pest’s erosion confrontation. The permeability and physical presentation of the ecological bag is extensively accepted by the operator, which substances anti-moist, not engross water, will not abolish the bag while the water seemed. This bag has also anti-deformation, inexplicable in pollution liquid.